iPure water stations, for a happier and healthier workplace.

Revolutionize your workplace hydration with our cutting-edge iPure water stations.

Say goodbye to the hassles and the unsanitary water found in traditional bottled and filtered water coolers and hello to a touchless, bottle-less solution that uses multistage filtration and reverse osmosis to provide clean, purified drinking water.

Our advanced technology not only elevates the quality of your water but also reduces your environmental impact. It’s time to upgrade your workplace refreshment with the innovative iPure water station line.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and technology with iPure from Island Pure.

Looking for the ultimate hydration experience for your team? Look no further than the iPure 90 – our flagship model that delivers cutting- edge technology and superior performance. With a generous 3-gallon tank, this powerhouse can keep up with even the busiest offices.
Looking for pure, refreshing hydration without sacrificing space in your small office? Look no further than the iPure 70. Equipped with a 2-gallon tank and cutting-edge technology, this powerhouse delivers premium water quality in a compact package.
If space is at a premium, but water quality is non-negotiable, the iPure CT (Countertop) is your solution. Combining state-of-the- art technology from the iPure 90 with a sleek, compact design, this model boasts a 1-gallon holding tank that delivers exceptional purity and taste.

Purification Process


The iPure systems offer the highest quality and luxury features without breaking the bank. Our boost filter adds essential minerals and alkalizes the water, while eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles, helping to protect the environment.
Don’t trust your water source or have no access to plumbing? Click Here to see our revolutionary new Cloud water station.