The Cloud Water Station

No pipes. No plastic. Clean drinking water, made from the air.

This cutting-edge technology puts you in control of your own water, eliminating the need for plumbing and the environmental impact of bottled water. With our advanced multistage purification process, you can drink up to 5-gallons per day of clean, safe and delicious water, all while conserving one of earth’s most precious resources. The Cloud uses a series of high-quality cleaning and filtering processes, each with a very specific function, in order to produce fresh, clean drinking water from the air. It also cleans your air!

How it works

Next-level innovation

Mimicking the water cycle, the Cloud takes in and filters the surrounding air, removing dust, airborne particles, and bacteria.

It is then condensed on a cooled surface.

The result is Clean, delicious air water.

How it thinks

Not your average water cooler

Stay informed about environmental and health issues with our daily EcoQuiz or create a unique Hydration Profile to set daily goals and track water consumption while reducing plastic waste. With the Cloud, even casual users will change the way they think about drinking water.

Interactive dashboard

The interactive touchscreen displays water temperatures, production capabilities, and tank levels, keeping you informed about your drinking water.

Take charge of your hydration

With the Cloud’s customizable Hydration Profile, you can stay on top of your water intake with daily tracking, consumption statistics, and environmental impact data. Set personalized hydration goals and achieve them with ease.