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How Hydration Impacts Productivity

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The Hidden Link: How Hydration Impacts Productivity

At Island Pure, we understand that productivity is a precious commodity. Many times at work, we search for new ways to boost our productivity but often overlook a fundamental factor: hydration. 

Did you know that your level of hydration significantly impacts your brain function and productivity? Water plays a crucial role in our ability to stay focused, energized, and efficient at work. 

The Science Behind Hydration
Did you know that the human brain is actually 73% water? So it’s a no-brainer that there’s a critical connection between hydration and productivity.

Studies have shown that just 1% dehydration has been found to decrease worker productivity by a total of 12%. Even worse, 3%-4% dehydration can bring as much of a decline as 25% in worker productivity. Dehydration can also lead to physical symptoms that decrease productivity, such as headaches and tiredness. 

Purified Water Florida

Island Pure Makes Workplace Hydration Simple

Our purified water systems make drinking an adequate amount of water effortless! We offer convenient bottleless water stations for the workplace to ensure your employees are always hydrated. Our systems deliver premium quality water and superior performance. 

At Island Pure, we are happy to provide our customers across Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Treasure Coast, and the Vero Beach area the best workplace water solutions and premier service. Give us a call at 561-385-4966 or contact us to provide your office with the fuel they deserve. Click here to learn more about our water and ice systems.