Pure Water for your workplace


Why do I need an iPure water station?

  • Cut Water Costs

    Island Pure customers typically save up to 50% versus office water delivery. And they don’t have the hassles of storing and lifting heavy jugs!

  • Drink Cleaner Water

    Bottled water coolers and filtered coolers grow green slime in the holding tank.
    Our systems use a patented purification process combined with activated oxygen technology to sanitize the holding tank daily.

  • Protect Your People

    In today’s world, hygiene and safety are a critical part of doing business. Our iPure water stations feature touch-free dispensing, antimicrobial surfaces and the highest quality water available.

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iPure Water Dispenser

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    Hygienic, touch-free operation.

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    Powerful scheduled cleaning cycles to maintain system and water freshness.

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    State-of-the-art technology to help maintain the freshness of the filters and water lines.

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    Anti-microbial additive in key areas to help maintain cleanliness.

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    LCD screen provides real-time diagnostics to ensure great quality water and optimal system performance

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    High-capacity drip tray can connect to drain to eliminate emptying.

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    Eco-Mode for reduced power consumption.

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    Color-changing indicator light for precise dispensing.


What does the “i” in iPure stand for?

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    Immaculate: Sanitary and Pure with Touchless sensor activation, anti-microbial surfaces, and daily deep-clean cycles.
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    Intelligent: Self diagnostic features keep end users informed of water quality and overall system performance.
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    Individualized: Custom settings like Energy saving mode and Freshness cycles.
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    Inspirational: The iPure seeks to inspire end users with its exceptional water quality and technological innovation.
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    Immediate: Bring your workplace up to speed with the latest demands for safety, hygiene, and an endless supply of pure, refreshing drinking water.

iPure CT Touchless Water Purifier

The iPure CT, our newest countertop model, utilizes the same advanced technologies as its freestanding model. This model is great for smaller spaces, is eco-friendly and incorporates scheduled deep clean cycles to ensure clean, great tasting water

Island Pure Chewable Ice & Water Station

Add that extra freshness

  • Studies have shown that Island Pure Chewblet ice is the hands‑down favorite ice type
  • Chewblet ice provides a low cost amenity to support employee hydration and workplace satisfaction to reduce fatigue, increase mental acuity and enhance overall well‑being
  • Ice makes everything taste better – water, tea, coffee, soda and flavor packets
  • Sanitary dispense button, no ice scooper needed.

Give your team a BOOST.

Island Pure dispensers use patented filtration and sanitization technologies to remove sediment, chemicals, bacteria, odors, and off-tastes. Island Pure filtered water dispensers access your building’s water supply and our proprietary boost filter adds electrolytes to keep your team healthy and energized while drinking pH balanced, alkaline water.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Rich Sucese of East Coast Nuclear Pharmacy shares about how the 3i water dispenser is a much better alternative to using bottles and how much the employee’s love the taste!

Having a large facility where we had multiple bottled water coolers, we were very impressed by how Island Pure was able to come in and get all of the machines installed professionally and where we wanted them.

They’re response time to service calls has also been very fast. In addition, we’re getting ready to open a new facility and plan on adding more of Island Pure‘s machines.


Facilities Manager

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Why Island Pure?

  • Florida’s Office Wellness Company – For 15 years Island Pure has focused on providing the most quality drinking solutions to South Florida businesses.
  • Personalized Service – We take care of the installation and all future maintenance. Our technicians are on call to answer questions, problem-solve, and arrange prompt service calls.
  • Customized Solutions – No two businesses are alike, and neither are their office water needs. Island Pure water experts analyze your local drinking water and customize a filtration solution to ensure your office drinking water is clean and great-tasting.
  • Service for All Industries – with advanced sanitary features and patented technology, you will not find a better water station on the planet

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